Access to the holiday cottage

P> Since the airport a route from 35 to 45 mn wait for you by setting off to the crossed / p > P> Essential / p car > P> From the airport take the left line LOW BE IN HIDING / P > Ul > Li > In the 2nd traffic circle of the bypass N1 set in droite. / li > Li > to Take to the right direction(management) Basse-Terre, you find yourselves on the second bypass. After some km, to take(bring) out direction(management) BOILING / POINTE-NOIRE road of the CROSSING; D 23. / li > Li > Follow this road (17 km), you will pass in front of(come before) the waterfall to the crawfishes, the house of the forest, the collar(pass) of mamelles. / li > Li > Below the descent and by arriving on the Caribbean coast(rib), turn left, direction(management) Bouillante. / li > Li > Before managing to the beach of Malendure on your left to turn(shoot) in the panel Malendure is puid to rise approximately during 200 m and you are